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BYOC was created by TESS in 2017 with the support, particpation and growth by professionals, closet artists and everyone in between.

Our purpose is community. Just like Christians need a church, creatives need others to fellowship with. To listen to them without judgement,  they need iron to sharpen their iron on, to collaborate with, to use as practise and to gain exposure. It's a safe space for all, to gather, share and indulge in the energy of realness, respect, no censorship and upliftment and sometimes even tough love. 
I'd like to personally thank BYOC Allstars like Dominique Rolle, Li Welch, Hezron Henry, DJ Dayoh, Twist Flo, Don, Withy, Alex, Phillippa Mayhem, Ballerina Buoy, Aisha Stephens, Vanessa Valbrun, Wellington Williams, Lady Livz, Ruben FreshLikeWater, New Culture Art, Shara Goldsmith, Rashane, Chandra, and many more that have are the OG's and have been the backbone of this movement. I thank them with every pump of my heart.

We welcome anyone, but not everyone. We are entertaining, but we are not your entertainment, we are uncensored and raw, but need gentleness and love in our interactions. We tell anyone who respects that to come through, and others to miss us with it. 

We were on hiatus in 2023, but are full throttle now in 2024!

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