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Tess Charles can bring a magical touch to wedding ceremonies and receptions with her captivating voice. Her repertoire can include romantic ballads perfect for the first dance, lively tunes for the reception, and personalized songs that resonate with the couple's love story.

For corporate events, Tess can provide an elegant and professional atmosphere. Her performances can be tailored to suit the tone of the event, whether it's a formal gala, an award ceremony, or a casual company retreat. Her music can serve as a background ambiance or a featured entertainment segment.


Tess can be a vibrant addition to music and cultural festivals. With her dynamic stage presence and versatile music styles, she can captivate a diverse audience and contribute significantly to the festival's success.

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Tess's performances at charity events and galas can add a touch of glamour and generosity. Her music can help set a tone of compassion and celebration, encouraging attendees to engage with the cause.


For smaller gatherings such as private parties, anniversaries, or dinner events, Tess can create an intimate and personalized experience. Her performance can be tailored to the preferences of the host or the theme of the event, providing a truly unique and memorable atmosphere.

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