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Don't Take It Away

Some of us are geniuses to the world

Some of us are simplistic

And all of us give the world What it needs when it needs it

Some of our talents are music

Some linguistic

Some colourful expressions of hate

Which you never know, so can’t cancel or sedate

There’s this thing that’s been happening

Our souls soak up art like bread in milo

Never considering the possible torment 

that artist has been through

Or sometimes we know and ignore

Feeding their expressions to the world were worth more

Until it is no longer, not now anyway

We line up with pitchforks at our keyboards and we light the torches of hate

Forgetting that beauty is many times born from the pregnancy of ill fate

Jail them if you wish, kill them if you like

But to desecrate the art that for decades eased our plight, fueled our fight, encouraged our might

Through Abandonment, adolescence, sparked dreams and tears.

Gave us family and friends when no one was there

Gave rise to imaginations that was headed to dormant

How dare you take artists' art and say it shall no more be

Punish the individual if you must

Remember from those twisted, nasty, misunderstood minds

They gave us, revelry and nuff good times

Look at yourself, all of you, 

With your reflection evident

Ask if you would have the strength and resolve to do what they do

Take the money, disgrace their fame

Throw them in the paddywagon never to be seen again

Retribution; one shot to the heart

But don’t you atop your soap box, try to take away the art. 

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